“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” 
— Muhammad Ali

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The sun rose over Louisville, illuminating the 6th floor of the Muhammad Ali Center on April 13, 2018 for the inaugural AHA! Moments event as part of the Year of Arts, HeALIng, & Action!

The #YearofAHA was born out of a collaboration between IDEAS xLab, the Muhammad Ali Center, and the Louisville Health Advisory Board to engage Louisvillians around creative approaches to improve social, mind/body, environmental, and economic health through lightning talks, art+health activities and arts/culture performances.

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Recap of April’s AHA! Moments…

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“There is so much potential for artists and what art can do to shape change in a school with students,” shared artist Brianna Harlan of her artist engagement as part of the Hero+Shero Journeys project organized by IDEAS xLab at Meyzeek Middle School.

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“Together, the Smoketown HOPEBOX and The People’s Corporation will focus on positively impacting mind/body, social, economic, and environmental health while meeting needs and desires of community,” shared Tom Walton [Executive in Residence at UofL] and Tonia Phelps [Bates Community Development Corporation].

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“I want Ali to hear us rumble up in here,” shouted Trinidad Jackson of the Youth Violence Prevention Research Center. “The Ferguson uprising was in my neighborhood, and our office @yvprc has deep connections to these efforts… our responsive approach includes being critically conscious and focusing structural violence prevention.”


“This year we partnered with @LouMetroHealth on our latest series of billboards in #Smoketown,” explained artist and IDEAS xLab team member Hannah Drake. “Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it. These are regular people in Smoketown — that was very important to us.”

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“The Guide to Greatness is an art + health neighborhood toolkit being designed and organized by IDEAS xLab with support from the Humana Foundation and Fund for the Arts,” shared Josh Miller, co-founder of IDEAS xLab before engaging participants to try one of the activities titled, “We are Worthy.” The toolkit will be free and available to community members, neighborhoods and organizations to use starting Spring/Fall 2018.

For the evening event, Steam Exchange setup their mobile screen printing cart to print posters with attendees!

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